TOTALLY!, maybe we can watch some scary movies too ,make it a spooky night >:)

I would like that a lot.

I feel in rage right now but I remember I am going to my friend’s house again til Sunday. My main goal is for my two other friends play fnafs with big flat screen tv, surround sounds speakers and no lights on. It is going to happen.

Ummm sorry to hear that happens to ya. I didn’t even know people can do that

They can, dude. If you press the reblog button without hovering to reblog, you can delete or backspace the comments. Removing comments from people who post their own stuff is really rude.


Midna! This was a commission for magicalmesican . Thank you for commissioning me!

Shulk: Analyzed!



Kept us waiting a while, Shulk! It’s time to see what new tricks the defender of Colony 9 and hero of the Homs has brought to the table! Shulk had always been one of our top options, and it’s wonderful to finally see him enter the fray!

So, let’s get straight to the analysis, shall we?

And yes, I will be peppering this article with random Xenoblade quotes. You’re welcome.

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yeah i mean it in the thing that some people don’t like their personal posts being reblogged, b u t i can relate so much to t his……

Well, I don’t like it when people reblog my post if it is under readmore. You can reblog the one I just posted.

oh god people do that on me as well DX

People on the internet have no respect. I’m sorry you had this too before. I get this everyday when the post notes is higher and I check people blogs and see the comments is remove and I am like “Are you fucking kidding me?” -flips the bird at the screen- This is how i feel when this shit happens everyday.

is this a thing i could reblog ?

You mean my actual post?

I wish I can go people houses and punch them in the face for removing my comments some of my artworks.


ψ(*`ー´)ψ watch out!!


ψ(*`ー´)ψ watch out!!